Experimental Retail Studio
F-Bloc was an experiment in retail that we conducted in 2009 that set a new standard in visual merchandising & concept implementation in Kolkata. We were approached by Blackstone to work on a retail project that would be cutting-edge, technology heavy & with a thread of wit & intelligence running throughout. A place that was initially a 1200 sq ft defunct underground godown was converted over time into a retail studio with full-wall interactive projections, huge art overlays & eccentricities like motherboard inlays on the main gate. Amongst other things it included a performance area in front which hosted acts like Space & Contrafrequency during the shows there.

We developed the brand F-Bloc to suit the experience we were offering the customers and developed a whole family of sub-brands, visual iconography & related visual merchandise to enhance the customers experience and help with the promo of the place. An extensive range of tee shirts, jackets & accessories were developed for the store, and were supplemented by brands like Space Tribe, Happily Unmarried & Levis to offer our customers a wide range of products to chose from. After a nice run for a year and a half, where it drew a fair bit of attention from the press & the Kolkata underground, we handed over operations to Blackstone who have since retained most of the styling, but have varied the product range to include more commercial products & brands.
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