Project: Pparazzi Identity, Branding & Visual Merchandising
Client: Pparazzi, Kolkata

Ppaparazzi is a new multicuisine restaurant that has opened up in Sector V, Kolkata’s software & Tech District. The brainchild of actor & movie star Anshuman Gupta, it offers great food in an environment that is at the same time, modern & luxurious. Anshuman came to us with a couple of specific challenges. One was to incorporate an extra ‘P’ into the name to numerologically balance it. And the second was to give the patrons a feel that they too were ‘Stars’.
We solved the first (rather smartly, dare we say) by incorporating a shadow into the name. The second involved creating a 20 ft wide wall mural featuring Kolkata’s skyline superimposed on the iconic “Hollywood” backdrop. The ‘Tollywood’ was added as a cheeky reference to the Bengali film industry, which is affectionately referred to by this name. Other visual elements in the restaurant were developed accordingly, all the while keeping the “star” factor in mind.
Wall Art
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