Uttam Architect 2018
Content Design, Live Visuals, Art Direction
Client: Mangalam Cement, B.K. Birla Group

Uttam Architect is Mangalam Cement's College level Architecture Compteition, organized in association with the Indian Institute of Architects. It features the brigtest talent from the field participating from across the country, judged by a panel of senior industry stalwarts.
Stage & Environment Design
The stage was a 3 LED setup with a central screen and 2 LED wings. The entire thing was crafted into a single structure that extended out into the hall on both sides with company branding and factory photographs.
All LED displays were centrally mapped and were used by the colleges to make their presentations besides forming the stage backdrop for the event.
Content Development
Custom content was designed for the entire day, with second to second seamless transitioning between different items, and sections, of the event flow.
Content included:
- Inaugural Animations
- College Introductions
- Award Ceremony Backdrops
- Jury, Sponsor and Mentor slides, etc.
Art Direction, Print & Web
OnSeed helped design the central identity for the Event and then translated that onto all necessary collateral items like brochures, invitation cards, IDs, Standees and venue branding.
Additionally the trophy and the website were also designed and developed by us keeping the same design elements in mind.
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